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November 2015



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Nov. 29th, 2015

Winter Holiday Story Sale

I've got very little work on next month, although I'm hoping things will pick up, so I have time to take on some commissions for winter holiday gifts. Available, for the moment, are 10 5,000 word stories and 5 10,000 word stories, which can be set in the Many Worlds or can be something entirely different. The 5,000 worders are $25 and the 10,000 worders are $50. As you know I specialise in speculative fiction, but I can also write other genres, including romance (with or without erotic scenes) and mysteries. So if you want a mystery story set on a fantasy world then I'm your writer.

Stories will be emailed to the recipient by Christmas Day. They can be gifts. If they are gifts I can include a message from the purchaser. All you need to do is send me a PM, tell me what you want, and pay for your words. My paypal is kayleigh.a.webb[at]gmail[dot]com.

Nov. 11th, 2015

Update: 11th November 2015

Invoice is still unpaid. Internet is driving me batty, because the signal is terrible. Have been looking after Tilly, Milly, and Bob since last Friday, but tomorrow is finally the last day of me being on duty. Am stressed... worried... annoyed... and just fed up with life right now.

Anyone who's willing to help me out with the rent will get words. $20 gets one complete story. $30 gets two. $40 gets three. $60 gets five. Top limit is $100 for nine completed stories. New or old. Doesn't matter if you don't know my worlds - I'll finish something for you and send it to you via email, as well as posting it at the website. My paypal is kayleigh.a.webb[at]gmail[dot]com. Every little bit is appreciated and signal boosting is definitely helpful.

Oct. 25th, 2015

Update: 25th October 2015

I was going to go through my stories and post a list of some of my favourite beginnings, before realising I have far too many - which is part of the reason they exist. When I first started crowdfunding I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to make it work, so I made it up as I went along. This probably wasn't the best way of doing things. At the same time I knew I was going to end up doing things differently to everyone else, because of who I am as a writer, and as I write best when I'm focusing on a number of things at the same time I wanted to have plenty of things I could work on. The only issue with that is I now have too many things I want to work on. I need to work out where I want to start with this, what I want to complete most, and then go from there, but it's just not that simple sometimes. I can spend hours working on one story at times. I can find myself spending the same amount of time flitting from one story to the next as I try to find something I want to work on. Like I've said before I need to work out how best to ghostwrite and work on my original work. It's just not a simple thing to do, especially as the ghostwriting can be creatively draining.

For now I'm going to post the links to all of the landing pages. I haven't split the Fae World or the World Walkers (which may not be entirely up to date) yet, and for something like this I do think it makes things a little simpler.

Aurora's World
The Brotherhood
The Deities' World
The Donor House
The Fae World
Heliopath's World
Kim's Earth
The Magi
The World Walkers

Then there's also the Stories Outside the Collections and the AUs and Crossovers.

Oct. 22nd, 2015

The 'Finish Things' Fundraiser

Illness means money's going to be a little tight next month, so I've been thinking about how I can deal with that issue, and as I have far too many stories that need finishing I will finish any currently posted story (the only exception being Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments, as I'm still working on changing the system I'm using for it) for $20. I will also write a new completed story for any known character, including those in stories that are outside the worlds.

If you'd like more than one story completed/written the second is half price, so you can get two completed stories for $30. This also means four completed stories will be $60, and this continues for as many stories as you may be interested in, although the more stories you buy the more time it will take.

Completed stories will be posted at the website and sent in the format of your choice (PDF, epub, mobi, .docx, etc.) to your email.

All donations will be going towards the pay the rent fund. At the moment I know I have enough work to earn $1000, which leaves me about $500 off what I need to cover all outgoings in the next month.

Artwork by Tod Wills.

Signal boosting is always appreciated.

Oct. 9th, 2015

Update: 9th October 2015 (2)

To make myself feel slightly less stressed about everything I'm offering to double the first month if anyone subscribes before the end of October.

If I get three subscribers, at any price, I'll post 1000 words of continuation for three stories currently posted at the website. If I get six I'll double the number of stories, and it will go up in three until I reach 30 subscribers.

If I'm earning £30 a month from the subscribers I'll post 3000 words for one of my newer worlds, and for every £30 I'm earning after that I'll post another 3000 words, either for that story or for another.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Please signal boost. Every little really does help.

Sep. 27th, 2015

The Old and New Prompt Session

This is going to be something a little bit different, aimed at making me enjoy what I'm writing as much as possible, so I'm having what I'm calling an old and new prompt session. Leave a prompt for a new story along with a request for me to continue something you've been enjoying. It's easiest to use this to take you to a list of all the current collections (the Fae World and the World Walkers are split by world). Click on a collection and the first post will be the landing page, so you can see a list of all the currenly posted stories, and tell me what you want to see more of.

Every prompter will have at least 500 words of new story and continuation written. Signal boosting will increase the word count for both by 250 words. If you'd like to see more words can be purchased for £3 per every 1000.

Sep. 21st, 2015

Update: 21st September 2015

If anyone has Facebook can they please like my page and share it with their friends. I find that having notifcations from the pages works better, otherwise there is a chance you might miss posts, as I've found with a couple of pages I've liked. If it wasn't for the fact I was notified they'd posted I wouldn't have known they had.

A couple of updates at the website - the 'Write More' information has been updated, to show the price for 500 words instead of 1000, and I've added the widget that lists the most favourite and the most write mored posts. If you want to see more of any story click the write more button on the post, because it helps me to see what people like, which means it gets pushed up the list of things to do.

Sep. 20th, 2015

Website Feed

While I am still going to be crossposting adding my newly created Dreamwidth feed might be a little easier. I also have feeds for all of the collections, so feel free to add them if you want. They can be found here.

Sep. 19th, 2015

Update: 19th September 2015

I've been thinking recently about my writing. That's something I've always done a lot of, especially recently, and I'm coming to realise I'm trying to square peg myself. When I started my site I was planning on it being somewhere I crowdfunded my work. I'd still like to be able to do that, but I think what I'm doing is trying to make myself like other writers when I'm very different. Recently I've been talking about writing novellas, because I feel that's what I should be doing, and now I'm starting to believe I was wrong about that. I want to write about those characters, those worlds, so that's what I'm going to do - by letting myself be who I am as a writer.

The whole reason I started writing the way I do is because it works for me. Now what I'm trying to do is push myself into being like all the other self-publishers, who are doing what works for them, when I shouldn't be. What I need to be focusing on is walking my path. I need to stop comparing myself and be me. The novella worlds are still something I'm going to be working on, but I'm not going to be writing novellas, or novels. I'm going to be writing the way I have done since I started crowdfunding. I'm going to be myself, rather than the writer I keep telling myself I should be.

Making that decision feels like a weight off my shoulders. I know it's the right one to make. It has always been the right one to make, but because it seems like everyone else does something differently I felt like I needed to follow in their footsteps. I don't. I need to walk my own path.

Sep. 17th, 2015

Ask The Author

I said yesterday I was going to create an Ask The Author post, so here it is. Come and ask me questions about how I write, what I write, why I write, and more. Below are some links that will give those of you who are newer to my worlds a place to start.

The Guide to the Many Worlds (this will take you to the website)
The Inquisition
Aurora's World
Heliopath's World
The Deities' World
The Brotherhood
The Afterlife
The Donor House
The Fae World
The World Walkers
Kim's Earth
The Magi

Sep. 10th, 2015

The Fae World: Unknown World: Brianna: Acceptance (part 3)

Part 1
Part 2

Read more: http://www.kawebbwriting.co.uk/the-fae-world-unknown-world-brianna-acceptance-part-3/

Collection: The Fae World, Word Count: 4000 - 5000

Sep. 9th, 2015

Talking about... Eorith

Eorith is one of the Fae World worlds. When I started writing it I knew it was going to be a world with classes, but I'm still working out exactly which ones I plan to use and how that's going to affect things. Obviously, because it's one of my worlds, I had to add unusual races. The first one to be introduced were the Curatix Canes. I have to admit to using a lot of Latin to name things, as well as some other languages, but I never used more than one language in a name. I also have to admit to having a lot of races that are mammals, often dogs and cats, although there are a number of other animals on the World Walkers worlds. (Feel free to ask questions about them.) The Curatix Canes are dogs, about the size of Great Dane or English Mastiff, and they have magic.

I'm still working out the magic of this world. That can be one of the most difficult parts of the world building I do, in part because I write at different times, and magic, in my worlds, always evolves. I might learn something about it and then find it's different in ten, twenty, or a hundred years time. What I do know about it is that the magical races have dealt with a long war, that I'm still learning about, which is why humans are being drawn there by the magic of the world - so it's obvious they're going to have an effect on what happens next.

As it's one of the worlds I know least about it would be great to have someone to bounce ideas with, especially related to the classes and magic, because that always helps. I know there are several other races, one humanoid, but so far they haven't come forward yet. The other thing that helps is asking for more stories on this world, as I often learn as I write.

The Fae World: Unknown World: Brianna: Acceptance (part 2)

Part 1

Read more: http://www.kawebbwriting.co.uk/the-fae-world-unknown-world-brianna-acceptance-part-2/

Collection: The Fae World, Word Count: 4000 - 5000

Sep. 8th, 2015


Sketches of a Sleepless Earth

Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )

The Diary of a Doppleganger

Read more...Collapse )

Is It Saturday Yet?

Read more...Collapse )

If you want to see any more of these stories let me know. Tips gratefully received at kayleigh.a.webb[at]gmail[dot]com. Every $5 = 1000 more words. Tip more than $50 and get something special in return.

Oh, and I also need some ideas for something sci-fi, preferable a game of some kind, because of the work I'm doing for the Fae World. I'm definitely thinking of something Dune-like, and possibly something inspired by Metroid, but I'd like a couple more - and I'd love to find someone to world build with. There are some things I'm working on I need some help with and I find talking things through really helps.

The Fae World: Unknown World: Brianna: Acceptance

Brianna knew someone was following her. They had been every night for a week, and she was getting to the point where she was tempted to ask whoever it was what was so interesting about her. Fortunately she knew better than to do something quite that stupid. As she didn’t know who it was she knew she couldn’t put herself at risk in that way. She had people in her life who needed her, needed the income she made, and she’d always put them first. It wasn’t something that would change anytime soon, so all she could do was keep walking in the hope they, whoever they were, just happened to be going the same way she was, rather than there being any other reason for it. Reaching home was a relief. She made her way down the steps to her door. Eyes were still on her, the same way they had been before, but she put it to the back of her mind. There was no reason for anyone to follow her. No reason for them to be interested in her.

Read more: http://www.kawebbwriting.co.uk/the-fae-world-unknown-world-brianna-acceptance/

Collection: The Fae World, Word Count - 5000+

Sep. 4th, 2015

Update: 4th September 2015

First of all I want to say thank you to ellenmillion for her wonderful donation. I'll be started work on your story(s) as soon as possible.

Then I need to ask for a little help. My first income clears around about the 12th of this month, which is great, but the problem I currently have is not having enough in my account to be able to buy some groceries before that - and I'm low on things I really need if I'm going to be able to have a meal that's more than sausages. So if anyone has anything to spare and would like me to write for them please let me know. My paypal is kayleigh.a.webb[at]gmail.com. As I said before I'll write for my collections, or just give me genre, or prompt, or character name. $10 will get you 4000 words of fiction.

My goal is $75, preferably by the end of the weekend, because then I can shop on the Monday. If I reach that there will be surprises. If I top it there will be even more surprises.

Aug. 28th, 2015

Update: 28th August 2015

There are days when I hate ghostwriting more than others. For some reason today is one of those days. I know part of the reason is the fact it takes time away from me being able to write what I want to be writing, because, a lot of the time, I find myself too busy to do that. Recently that's been due to doggy day care as well as the ghostwriting. Another thing I find is that there are plenty of people who want me to create the plots for them, as they can't, for whatever reason, or don't have the time, and then I find myself having to leave the story in the middle of the action. What I might do is adapt the ideas to fit into my own worlds, although, to do that, I need to find the time, and that's one of the biggest issues at the moment. Finding time to do everything isn't easy when I'm by myself. With James here everything would be a little easier, as he'd be able to help me with the housework, and the cooking, and the washing, but, for now, those are things I have to do - and sometimes it's very distracting.

As my birthday's coming up, and I'd like to treat myself to some time to write what I want to be writing, I need some help from anyone who likes my writing. To be able to do that I'm offering 2,000 words of fiction for $5. My Paypal is kayleigh.a.webb[at]gmail[dot]com. The maximum for anyone is 20,000 words, which is $50. I can write in my collections, so add that to the notes, I can write more for a specific story, or you can give me a genre, for example sci-fi, or paranormal - demons, or pretty much anything and I'll write a story for that. There will be extras for every $100 I receive, which will be posted at the website for everyone to read. I've got some things I really want to be working on, so that will be the extras, and every cent is gratefully received. This offer will be open until the end of the first week of September. After that I'll see how things are working out and go from there.

Feel free to signal boost. The more the merrier, and I really could do with this, because I think it will help me to sort myself out mentally.

Aug. 26th, 2015

23 facts about me...

If you comment here with the words "I wanna play" I will assign you a number from 15-30 of facts about yourself to post about yourself in your journal.

[personal profile] whitemage gave me the number 23, so here are 23 facts about me.

1. I live in an annex with my boyfriend, James.
2. James and I have been together for nine and a half years (exactly, as today is our half-a-versary).
3. The whole reason I count out half-a-versary is because nine years ago he bought us a pair of silver Claddagh rings as a gift, and it's something that's always meant a lot to me. He obviously thought a lot about it.
4. I only wear silver jewellery.
5. At the moment my musical obsession, and I hate to admit this, is One Direction. I don't know how it happened.
6. However, I have always been a boybander, starting with Boyzone when I was about 10.
7. I also listen to rock, heavy metal, and all sorts of other things. My random playlist is truly random. :)
8. I'm a writer. Most of what I write is for other people, as a ghostwriter, but my dream is to earn a living from my original fiction. (Which is something I'm certain everyone already knows.)
9. I don't play games, but I love watching James play them, and I take a lot of inspiration from the storylines.
10. My favourite colour is purple.
11. I'm a very picky eater. Texture is my big issue, so if I don't like the texture of something I want eat it, and fat will always make me gag.
12. I hate the taste of water.
13. I don't have a favourite book or film, because I like too many of them to pick one.
14. I collect tarot and oracle cards.
15. I also collect Tigger and Eeyore mugs.
16. If I won the lottery I'd set up an animal sanctuary, probably for unwanted dogs and cats. I'd make certain they have a happy forever home.
17. I'd also pay for James to get his pilot's license, because he loves flying, and I want him to be happy.
18. I don't think it's possible to have enough stationary and I never have.
19. I'm Pagan. Being in the annex should make that a little easier, as we have more space to live in, and I have a bookcase full of books on the subject.
20. My dream is to buy a houseboat or camper van and spend the rest of my life travelling around the country. It's unlikely to happen while I'm with James, because he wants the security of living in a house, but I don't really have a problem with that. I'm sure I wouldn't find it anywhere near as easy as it is in my head.
21. I have social anxiety. It was a big problem when I was living in the house. Now we have our own space I'm much better.
22. The historical period I know the most about is Tudor England, because I studied it three times at three different schools.
23. This time next week I'll be 27.

So, anyone interested?


Aug. 20th, 2015

Selling Post

I have some flavoured instant coffees and herbal teas I'm never going to touch again, so I was hoping someone here might be interested in them.

The flavoured coffees are Beanies Mint Chocolate; Double Chocolate; Cinder Toffee; and Irish Cream. Each one has a teaspoon of coffee taken from them, so I could try them, and found I didn't enjoy them. As the seal is broken I'll use something to make sure the coffee doesn't go everywhere. I'm selling them for postage costs, which looks to be around £2.80, in the UK. Outside the UK it will be more expensive.

The herbal teas are Twinings Peppermint; Nettle; Raspberry Leaf; and two Peppermint and Nettle. All but one of the boxes of Peppermint and Nettle have one bag taken from them. Again I'm selling for postage costs, which should be about the same as the coffee, unless you're outside the UK, and I'll make certain they're securely packaged.

If you have no interest in any of the above donations are always gratefully received and will result in more writing.

Other (possibly the Donor House): Vampire Story Beginning

It was morning. Bastien remembered that better than he remembered anything else, because the last thing he’d expected was for something like that to happen after the sun had risen. That was when he was meant to be safe from any vampires, not that he believed in vampires then, but he wasn’t. He’d gone to visit his soon-to-be-wife, has even got as far as knocking on the door, before an arm had wrapped around his chest. It pulled him backwards, even though he was fighting against it, and then something, something he really didn’t want to believe was teeth, had penetrated his neck. At first the only thing he really noticed was the pain, until she started screaming. Hearing that noise… a noise he woke up to every so often, when his mind wandered back to the past, was something he would never forget, especially when came to an abrupt end.

Read more: http://www.kawebbwriting.co.uk/other-possibly-the-donor-house-vampire-story-beginning/

Other Worlds, Status: Incomplete, Word Count - 5000+
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