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Random stuff

Nan thinks I should get rid of some of my books.I don't understand why she thinks this. I've spent a lot of money and time on gathering my collection of books so why would I want to get rid of any of them. Yes they take up a lot of space in my room but to be absolutely honest I'm not bothered that I have piles of books everywhere in my room. I would prefer it of they were on a bookcase – there just isn't any space for another bookcase in this room. Yes there's a lot of them but that's because I want to have a lot of books. Books make me happy. If I'm not reading a book then I'm trying to write one. Why is it that I have so many people around me that don't understand why I want to have so many books and why I keep buying them? It's not like reading a book is the end of owning a book. There's the strange joy of putting them into an order, my order is books I love most to books I don't like quite so much. I have put some books into 'storage' (which is three boxes of books currently in the spare room) and it's really irritating because I've put some of the books I now want to read into those boxes. Then there's rereading the whole series when a new book comes out. I feel the need to get to know all the characters again because they become friends in a way. Then of course there's the 'getting attached' to characters that happens quite often with me. I'm the girl that will sit there sobbing my hurt out if something happens to one of my favourite characters (such as Kisten in Kim Harrison's books) or laughing at one of my favourite characters doing something especially funny (such as Silk in David and Leigh Eddings' Belgariad and Mallorean). They all mean something to me even if they don't actually exist.

Maybe that's why I have so much trouble with real life. Can anyone think of an illness caused by reading too many books? Suffering from bookwormitis? Being allergic to people who aren't technically made of paper? Lol.

I'm sitting here right now staring at the books around my room, wondering why there are such people as non-readers. I've been reading ever since I was a child and I remember reading every book that my school owned by the time I turned eight. That was the only reason I was glad to leave my old school – I got to read new books. Now I read at the speed of light and find that I can't put a book down once I've started it. I'll promise myself I'll just read a couple of chapters and the next thing I know I've read the whole books. It's really irritating.

James took me to the scrap yard today. We go there quite often because the car is twenty years old and has a habit of falling apart on a regular basis. Thankfully James is a very good mechanic. Between us we even replaced the gearbox. His dad wants him to get rid of his car and get a new one. I think it's because he wants his other son, James' older brother Kevin, to have a car and wants James to give Kevin our Volkswagen Golf so he doesn't have to buy a car. I've told James that we're not giving Kevin the Golf no matter what because the car he owns is still in Russia because he can't drive yet and I don't want the car that James loves so much stuck in the middle of nowhere. We'll probably going to turn it into our project car and make it into a GTi.

Over the last few days I've found my writing abilities have come back. I was going to write some short stories to post on LJ but I seem incapable of writing a short story. I had a really good idea for a short story that turned into a novel in the space of about ten minutes. It would be nice to write a short story but I need a subject and a word limit. If anyone has any ideas they'd like me to write the send them to me with a word limit and I'll see what I can do. I'm probably going to post my first chapters on LJ just to see what people think of my characters and storylines because if some people like them then hopefully a publisher somewhere will.

I've got to focus on my letter writing for a while. I'm going to try to write two letters a day until I've caught up because I've been a really bad penpal recently. Writing letters has been really difficult recently, unless I've really cared about the person I was writing to. There are a few of those so I've managed to keep up with them but there are a whole group of people I just don't really connect with and I'm not sure what to do about it.

I'm thinking of getting hold of some anime to watch but I have no idea what I'm looking for. If anyone had any recommendations for me let me know. I'm thinking of starting to hire some DVDs because there are films I want to see but don't want to buy the DVD. I never should have bought Twilight. All I did was sit there and complain about how bad the film was so I don't want to do that with other films. If I like the films I watch I may buy them but I have a habit of watching a film once and then losing all interest.

On a random note Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse novels was in my dream last night. I haven't read the books in ages so it was weird but I think it comes from thinking about the novel where Eric looses his memory. I really want Eric and Sookie to get together properly at some point – Bill always irritated me for some reason.

I've stopped doing my tarot card of the day thing while I'm ill. I don't think that I have as good a connection with them when I'm ill and I don't really want to sneeze on them. I'm not sure if I'm going to take it up when I'm better – please be soon – or after we've moved house. If we take forever to move then I'll probably start again before we move. I'm after some new decks but I don't want to buy any more because I do have quite a few of them. It would be nice to have some sort of computer program with lots of decks on so I can do readings on my netbook. I don't know how well that would work but I like the idea.

Oh, and Aaron's home. I think I mentioned him being at work and that he should be gone for two months. I should have known better than to open my big mouth. On Friday he was told that he was no longer needed (long story behind that) so he's home again now. It's really very annoying but there's nothing I can do about it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he either finds another job soon or that we'll find a nice two storey house to live in so I won't have to put up with his abuse any more.


I know what you mean about books. I have loads of them myself -- some might say too many, but I don't think so! I've got at least sixty books that I haven't got round to reading yet, and that number just keeps getting bigger because I just keep buying more. I tried resisting the urge to buy new books for a while, but then I decided that it doesn't really matter -- it's nice to have books!

I would rec you some anime but it's hard to say without knowing what you like XD I know you say you don't know what you want, but well, what do you like from stories in general (not just anime)? Do you like realistic stuff or fantasy? Cute or dark? Childish or grown-up? Funny or serious? Let me know and I'll rec you something :)
I mostly like fantasy and I'm best with dark. I'm not a big fan of cute. I think I'd also prefer grown-up.

I'm not entirely sure though. I'd pretty much watch anything.

When I was reading manga I like Fruits Basket.