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Being mod doesn't mean I can't join in. :) Here are my bingo cards for the month.

I've got a gen/romance card, which is kinda meh to be honest.

darkficAU: Alternate Genresocial event (workplace)AU: Alternate History/Continuityfamily
counseling/therapydepressionwaking in bed togethermagical/mythological creaturesproposal
anniversarystargazingWILD CARDcriminal intentgrief
spooningbody alteration/injurywine/alcoholfamily celebrationcandles
job-related traumaouter spaceevil scientistsnervous breakdowncostumes

And a gen card, which is definitely better.

deus ex machinaeducationcharacter deathbodyswap/bodysharebeauty
imminent catastrophesecond person narrationhot cocoa (or equivalent)bedtime ritualsghosts/hauntings/afterlife
dystopiascoming of ageWILD CARDaccidentsgrief
familywingsbaking (cookies)law and orderhazing
hungertruthpregnancy (female or male)poetry (magnet or otherwise)costumes

Tags: personal update

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