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This is amazing...

I'm actually posting twice in two days. I think the pigs may be flying outside.

Anyway this post actually has a reason - that doesn't mean I'm not going to ramble because I don't know how to stop myself most of the time. I'm going to start picking a card a day out of my favourite tarot and oracle decks to post on here. I'm hoping it will help me reconnect with the tarot because I haven't done any readings in forever. I feel bad for that, especially as I know certain of my decks are going to be very very grumpy with me (all of my decks have their own personality).

As well as that I'm thinking of posting some of my poetry and short stories. I'm not sure whether anyone will be interested though. I think it will help me focus on the things I need to do rather than wasting all my time doing absolutely nothing productive. I like being productive. I also may post some short stories I'm thinking of writing connected to my novels. Then I'll see if anyone is interested in the subject matter.

Right now I'm going to go and pick out some cards.


I need to do that myself. I have to babysit for a friend in March and I am hoping that without Internet Monday thru Friday that I will be able to work on my book 2 and my tarot.

Good luck on your Tarot Connection.