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Learning To Be Me

1 September
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Bios are not my strong point. I know me and I can probably write about myself but it's unlikely that any of what I write will be positive. You know right now I wish I could leave this bio writing to someone else, to someone who knows me well enough to write a true bio about me. However there isn't anyone in that position. My boyfriend James is the person who has known me the longest (almost 5 years) but he's no good at writing. It would take him several months to write me a bio and then it would be stupidly soppy so probably not much good.

A good place to start would probably be my name. My real life name is Kayleigh, some people call me Klee and most people on the Internet know me as some form of 'MoonWolf'. On here I'm MoonWolf1988 because... in the most original move I've ever made... I was born in 1988. That makes me 21 but a lot of the time I feel about 40. I moan as much as a 40-year-old most of the time.

I've been studying witchcraft/paganism for the last ten (ish) years. It's a huge part of my life even though I'm almost incapable of actually practicing - moving into a two bedroom flat has made it harder - and I have an entire bookcase as well as two and a half extra shelves full of books on the subject. There may be a few that are more self-help books but mostly it's paganism. I love my tarot cards and oracle cards (I have a full shelf of those) and I will hopefully be going back to my card of the day soon.

If I'm not reading something non-fiction then I'm either reading something fiction, writing or doing some form of art. Occasionally I play computer games but I much more enjoy watching James play them while I'm doing something else. The fiction books take up the rest of my book shelves, which is around 12. I did cheat slightly as I have a bookcase that I can use for two rows of books. It means I actually managed to get all of my books onto a book shelf - which of course means that I need to get more so I have some to scatter around the room. At the moment my favourite authors include: Terry Pratchette; LJ Smith (a nice easy read); Terry Goodkind; Terry Brooks; James Herbert; David and Leigh Eddings; Trudi Canavan; Richelle Mead; PC Cast; PC and Kristin Cast; Kim Harrison; Charlaine Harris; Ilona Andrews; Anne Bishop; Karen Chance; Juliet Marillier; Maria V. Snyder; Patricia Briggs; and Karen Chance.

My dream is to be a published author. My world revolves around books and writing so I hope that I'm good enough to make a living doing what I love. I know how difficult it is so I am also studying holistic therapies and I plan on doing a law degree at some point. I'm a qualified colour therapist and crystal healer, passing both final exams with an A grade. My studying has fallen by the wayside recently but I'm hoping to get back to it soon because I love studying.

I enjoy art. I'm not good at it but I like painting things. My current favourite medium is acrylic paint; before that I focused on watercolours; and I recently bought some oil pastels; soft pastels and charcoal to experiment with. At school I did a lot of art but doing an art GCSE put me off a lot because there was very little freedom. It wasn't until last year that I remembered how much I enjoyed it.

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