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Bad news

Today is a day of unexpected bad news. Our landlord is demolishing half our house so we have to find a new place to live some time within the next two weeks. We had no idea until today. He didn't put up one of those bright orange planning permission thingies so I think that what's he's doing is illegal – we should have had a chance to dispute it as it's our home he's going to be demolishing. Mum's trying to find a way round it but I don't think it's going to work out. There's not really a lot she can do because we're on a yearly lease and it's up for renewal this month.

I'm kinda looking forward to finding a new place now. When I heard the news I was pretty devastated because it is my home and it's the last home Sharna had but change can be a good thing. This time we might find a two storey house – I hate bungalows as there's never really any privacy – and I might have a bigger room. Of course there's no guarantee that it anything will happen the way I want it to but I'm always hopeful.

Moving could be good for me. I might find somewhere I can work because this place hasn't been good for my writing. This house is lovely so it would be nice to stay here, but then if I stay I might never get anything done. It's never been somewhere I've been particularly productive. I've got this image of a lovely large room where I feel comfortable, have enough space, and feel safe away from Aaron.

I should really be packing right now but I can't. I haven't got any boxes to put anything in so I'm watching James play Zelda: Twilight Princess and writing this journal entry. Hopefully I'll be able to post the entries I've done tonight when Aaron goes to pick up Mum.

Tonight I'll either be packing or writing. It shouldn't take me too long to pack everything up as I haven't got a lot of stuff in this room – most of it is still in boxes in the spare room as there really isn't much space in this room compared to my old room. This is the better room of the two though as the other house had damp problems so everything went mouldy and I had to chuck a load of stuff out. However I am hoping for a larger room so I can get another bookcase. Being able to put all my books on a bookcase will be nice.