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Other (possibly the Donor House): Vampire Story Beginning

It was morning. Bastien remembered that better than he remembered anything else, because the last thing he’d expected was for something like that to happen after the sun had risen. That was when he was meant to be safe from any vampires, not that he believed in vampires then, but he wasn’t. He’d gone to visit his soon-to-be-wife, has even got as far as knocking on the door, before an arm had wrapped around his chest. It pulled him backwards, even though he was fighting against it, and then something, something he really didn’t want to believe was teeth, had penetrated his neck. At first the only thing he really noticed was the pain, until she started screaming. Hearing that noise… a noise he woke up to every so often, when his mind wandered back to the past, was something he would never forget, especially when came to an abrupt end.

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Other Worlds, Status: Incomplete, Word Count - 5000+

Other: The Ships Series

This is another world building writing thing that I did to learn about this series. I think this is probably older than the demon assassins, although not by much, and was going to be connected with Kim's Earth and Thera. Now it's become an AU of Kim's Earth, beginning the mess the World Government created by making some very bad decisions. Alexis is one of the main characters and I have plans to write about at least another couple of the ships, because I think the whole idea is fascinating.

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Other Worlds, Status: Incomplete, Word Count - 5000+

Other: Demon Assassins

This is very much me trying to work out how the world works, so it's probably not where I'm actually going to start, but I wanted to write it in order to understand everything a little better. All of the characters are unnamed, which means it might be a little confusing. I started planning this in about 2010, I believe, and I'd love to get to writing more - if you like this, or want to seem more, toss something into the tip jar. The basic premise behind it is that the male demons become assassins for a number of years when they are in their late teens, for reasons that are explained below, and how that affects the lives of the humans they are hired by, or seen by, or have any dealings with at all. One of the things I want to do is write more from the demon's POV as well, to show how they take to the position they find themselves in.

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Other Worlds, Status: Incomplete, Word Count - 5000+